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Blank Text Generator V2.4 – Copy & Paste With One Tap

This tool is a simple Javascript function that provide a way to generate and copy a blank text from a blank character.

It’s important to note that the above tool utilizes CPU resources from your device to generate empty text. So, avoid creating excessively long empty text (such as one million characters) as it may cause your computer or phone to lag or freeze while the function is running.

How to use this tool?

Basically, all you need to do is tap ‘Copy’ button above, then go to your favorite app, paste it on the text field and send/post it. That’s all.

I also create a few how-to tutorial here, maybe it can help.

If you want me to create more how-to tutorial or maybe asking about something, you can leave a comment here.

What is a blank character?

The term “blank character” is a bit broad and can refer to any character that represents a space or has no visible representation.

The terms “blank character,” “invisible character,” and “empty character” are often used interchangeably, but they can have slightly different meanings depending on the context. Let’s clarify each term:

Blank Character:

Meaning: A blank character generally refers to a character that represents a space or gap within text, visually separating words or elements.

Example: The space character (U+0020) is a common example of a blank character. In HTML, it is represented as  .

Invisible Character:

Meaning: An invisible character is a character that has no visual representation but may have a functional or control purpose in text processing.

Example: Zero Width Space (U+200B) is an example of an invisible character. While it doesn’t have a visible width, it can influence line breaking and formatting.

Empty Character:

Meaning: The term “empty character” is less standard and can be ambiguous. It might be used to describe a character that does not represent any visible content or has a null value.

Example: There isn’t a specific character universally referred to as an “empty character,” but the null character (U+0000) is sometimes considered as having an empty or null value.

Here the list of this type of character (according to chatGPT :P)

Title/Name of CharacterUnicode ValueHTML ValueExample
SpaceU+0020 [ ]
No-Break SpaceU+00A0 [ ]
Zero Width SpaceU+200B​​[​]
Zero Width No-Break SpaceU+FEFF[]
Mongolian Vowel SeparatorU+180E᠎[᠎]
Hangul FillerU+3164ㅤ[ㅤ]
En QuadU+2000 [ ]
Em QuadU+2001 [ ]
Three-Per-Em SpaceU+2004 [ ]
Four-Per-Em SpaceU+2005 [ ]
Six-Per-Em SpaceU+2006 [ ]
Figure SpaceU+2007 [ ]
Punctuation SpaceU+2008 [ ]
Thin SpaceU+2009 [ ]
Hair SpaceU+200A [ ]

If you look at Wikipedia page about whitespaces character, there is a lot more of this type of character.

Character used for this tool

What i use for this generator, is precisely one of these blank characters. I use “Hangul filler character”. Here some more detail of this character.

Character NameHangul Filler
HTML Entity:ㅤㅤ
UTF-8 Encoding:0xE3 0x85 0xA4
UTF-16 Encoding:0x3164
UTF-32 Encoding:0x00003164
Example :[ㅤ]

Is it safe to use this blank character on social media or chat apps?

The use of a blank character (in this case, hangul filler character) in social media or chat apps is generally safe. The hangul filler character is a universally recognized character and is unlikely to cause any issues. It is often used as a non-visible or space-filling element, making it suitable for various online and offline platforms.

However, it’s essential to note that the acceptability of such characters may depend on the specific platform or application. While hangul filler characters are widely recognized, some platforms may have their policies or restrictions regarding the use of certain characters.

What social media or chat apps allowed this blank text?

As far as my testing goes, this blank text can be used on WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, etc.

Unfortunately, Twitter recognizes this character as a ‘space’ character, so it can’t be used there. There might be other social media platforms that also can’t use it, and if I find them, I’ll add them here later.

Fail to copy or generate a blank text?

Again, my tool is created using Javascript, so you need to ensure that this site is allowed to run Javascript.

By default, browsers allow Javascript for all site, considering that Javascript is an integral part of a website. However if you use add-ons related to adblocking, depending on how you set it up, JavaScript may be blocked.

So, make sure to allow JavaScript access for this site. After that, you can try using the generator above again.

Changelog (Last Version: 2.4)

In case you’re wondering why there is a change to the generator, you can always check the ‘Changelog‘.

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