Blank Text Generator – Copy & Paste Empty Text for WA/FB/IG/etc

Have you ever received empty text messages on WhatsApp or comments on Facebook, for example? I have received them before, but it was a long time ago.

For those who need short empty characters, there are already 10 empty characters above that you can directly copy and paste wherever you want.

If you need more or longer empty text, for example, 1000 characters or 10000 characters, please enter the number you want into the available field. This tool will automatically generate empty text according to the given number.

How to use this empty text on your social media account

Here is how to do it, in general.

  1. Fill the number field to determine how long the empty text is. Generator will automatically generate the empty character as soon as the number filled/changed.
  2. Then, tap ‘Copy’ button, to copy the empty text to your clipboard.
  3. Open your favorite app, i.e Facebook.
  4. Paste those ’empty text’ on the comment field or wherever you want.
  5. Send it, and you’re done.

In this blog i also try to add an how to tutorial, here is a few of ’em.

If you want me to create more how-to tutorial or maybe asking about something, you can leave a comment here.

Fail to copy or generate more empty text?

The above tool is created using JavaScript functions, so you need to ensure that JavaScript is enabled for this site.

Generally, modern browsers allow JavaScript by default, considering that JavaScript is an integral part of a website. However, if you use add-ons related to ad blocking, depending on how you set it up, JavaScript may be blocked.

So, make sure to allow JavaScript access for this site. After that, you can try using the generator above again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that you might ask, so I’ve included them below.

1. Is it safe to use this empty or invisible character?

It’s safe. I’m using characters that are designed to be invisible, like a space character. What i’m using is not really a space char, but its something like it. Its also a universally recognized character.

I already explained about the character i used, read there if you’re interested to knowing more.

2. Where can this empty text be used?

As far as my testing goes, this empty text can be used on WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, etc.

Unfortunately, Twitter recognizes this character as a ‘space’ character, so it can’t be used there. There might be other social media platforms that also can’t use it, and if I find them, I’ll add them here later.


In case you’re wondering why there is a change to the generator, you can always check the ‘Changelog‘.

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