How to have a blank or Invisible name on Reddit (5 Simple Steps)

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In the world of Reddit, personalization is key, but what if you prefer a nameless presence? If you’ve ever wondered how to have a blank name on Reddit, look no further.

This guide will walk you through the straightforward process of going nameless in the vast landscape of Reddit communities.

This is how to have invisible name on Reddit (with screenshot for easy reference)

  1. Copy “the blank text” here by tapping the ‘Copy’ button below. Or you can get a longer one from our blank text generator.

Copy short blank text here:

  1. After that, open Reddit website.
  2. Goes to
  3. On the ‘Display name’ field, paste the blank text you copied earlier.
  4. After that, refresh the page and make sure the blank text already saved to ‘Display name’ field.

And here is what your Reddit profile look like, before and after the ‘Display name’ change to blank text. As you can see, the “big” display name on the profile page is now gone.

You can use regular space as name

After further testing, turn out you don’t really need the blank text from here to fill the ‘Display name’ field on Reddit. You could use regular space here.

It’s different from when you try create a blank comment on Reddit, you can’t use regular space there like you can do here.

You can not have blank username on reddit

Reddit, like many other online platforms, enforces certain restrictions on usernames to maintain a consistent and functional user experience. One of these restrictions is the prohibition of blank or whitespace characters as usernames.

Allowed Characters: Usernames can include letters (a-z, A-Z), numbers (0-9), and underscores (_).

Other than that, you can’t use it on username.

And there you have it – a quick guide on how to have a blank name on Reddit. Though you can only have a blank display name, not blank username.

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