How to Post a Blank Comment on Facebook (Dec 2023 Update)

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You can send comments in the form of text, photos, emojis, etc., on Facebook, and that’s quite common. Now, this time, I will explain a somewhat unusual trick, which is sending an empty comment on Facebook.

The trick is quite simple; you use blank text or characters as the comment. Here, I will explain about this character and how to use it in your comment section.

The blank text that are going to be used here is a text generated using hangul filler character . I will explain more about this character later, so please read it until the end if you’re curious about this hangul filler character.

Send an Empty or Blank Comment on Facebook

To create an empty or blank comment on Facebook, all you need to do is first copy the invisible text by pressing the ‘Copy’ button below. After that, open your Facebook app, find one of your friend post. On those post, tap on the comment section, paste the invisible text you copied before there, and send it like a regular comment. And that’s it, you should have successfully sent an empty comment on Facebook.

Copy short blank text here:

If you don’t understand, here are the steps explained with the help of screenshots below.

What does blank comment mean? Is there a deeper meaning to it?

Getting a blank comment on Facebook typically means that the person who left the comment intentionally entered a non-visible character. This could be done for various reasons, such as creating a playful or mysterious effect, teasing others, or simply experimenting with the platform’s features.

However, the meaning behind a blank comment can vary, and it might be best understood in the context of the specific interaction or relationship you have with the person who posted it. It’s often a lighthearted or attention-grabbing gesture rather than conveying a specific message.

You can read more about blank message meaning here.

Is it safe to do send a blank comment on Facebook?

It should be safe. As far as I know, there are no restrictions on this. Moreover, the empty text we use here is a globally recognized Unicode character.

As mentioned earlier, I generate empty text from the hangul filler character. It’s a bit lengthy to explain again here; you can read about the hangul filler character here.

In conclusion, sending a blank or empty comment on your friend post or status is a simple way to engage and provoking reaction from them.

Update Log:

  • December 25, 2023 : Second update. Style change on how to part, removing less necessary information and adding more important ones.
  • December 9, 2023: First update. Ensured the method’s continued relevance and added screenshots for user clarity.
  • January 4, 2023: Post Published.

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